Currently our museum is closed until July 2021  


For our English speaking Visitors

The Museum der Schwalm is located in the historic part of Ziegenhain (Schwalmstadt 2) in the former governors’ building from 1363.


The core exhibits of the museum are:

White work embroidery and its development throughout the last 200 years.

The colorful ethnic dresses of the region, called Tracht, are displayed in individual sections, as well whole rooms. Short film clips explain the rich heritage of the region.

Regional furniture, including numerous Brautstühle or bridal chairs add to the overall picture.

Original paintings, drawings, and lithographs from national and international artists (including Bantzer, von Reutern, Grimm, Knauf, Lins, Beithan, Waentig, Mons) who resided once in the Malerkolonie Willingshausen, the oldest of its kind, can be enjoyed by the visitors.

Forte Cultura

The Museum der Schwalm, the Schwalm Touristik and the City of Schwalmstadt (Ziegenhain) are now members of Forte Cultura a cooperation for European Culture Routes and Places of Fortified Monuments.

Admission and opening hours

Adults: €5.00, incl. an English guide book.

Disabled (50%>) and students with valid ID: €3.00

Admission is free for children under the age of 14.

Members of the Schwälmer Heimatbund: free


Guided tours in english (available upon request): additional €1.00 p.p.


Tuesday – Sunday, including holidays: 2 pm to 5 pm

Closed Mondays, but guided tours are still available upon request.


The Museum der Schwalm is part of the “My Card Plus” program of the Grimm Heimat Nord Hessen Tourism.